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Unveiling the Vision and Impact of Miratech Medical

At Miratech Medical, we breathe life into innovation, cultivate collaboration, and relentlessly strive to elevate the healthcare landscape. Our journey is defined by a passionate commitment to redefining possibilities and revolutionizing patient care.

With a profound understanding that groundbreaking healthcare requires a unified effort, we’ve brought together a team of exceptional minds. Experts in cutting-edge lab services, transformative interventional therapies, and pioneering minimally invasive implants converge to shape the future of medicine.

Our unwavering dedication to patient-focused care ignites every decision we make. We envision a world where each individual’s well-being is the driving force behind medical progress. Through comprehensive support for clinicians, staff, and patients, we’re sculpting a new standard of healthcare delivery.

The heart of our success beats in harmony with the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) model that fuels our purpose. By streamlining vendor interactions, we harness the collective strength to unlock boundless benefits for all. This strategic synergy not only amplifies cost efficiency but also paves pathways to groundbreaking medical innovations that amplify patient care.

Welcome to Miratech Medical, where innovation and collaboration converge with the pursuit of patient-centered excellence. As trailblazers in the realm of transformative medical solutions, we unite with clinicians, institutions, and manufacturers to sculpt a future where healthcare knows no bounds. Together, we embark on a journey of groundbreaking discoveries, revolutionizing patient care with each new breakthrough.

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Our Leadership

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Miratech Medical

At Miratech Medical, our leadership is the driving force behind our mission to transform healthcare through innovation and collaboration. Our distinguished team of visionaries brings together diverse expertise, unwavering dedication, and a shared commitment to patient-centered excellence

Empowering Progress Through Expert Guidance

Led by industry veterans and thought leaders, our leadership team represents a tapestry of experiences across the healthcare spectrum. Their profound insights and forward-thinking approach guide every facet of Miratech's transformative solutions.

Strategic Pioneers of Healthcare Evolution

Each member of our leadership brings a unique blend of skills that fuel our vision for a future where patient care knows no limits. Their strategic prowess, combined with a passion for shaping medical landscapes, propels Miratech Medical to new heights of innovation.

A Unified Vision for Patient-Centered Excellence

Our leaders are not just individuals; they are architects of progress, unifying their expertise to chart the course toward better patient outcomes. With a shared vision for healthcare transformation, our leadership team is committed to steering the industry toward unprecedented excellence.

Jimmie Nichols


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Matt Cavacini


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Holly Nichols

Lead Administration & Board Member

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Matthew Mattera

Area Vice President

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Jason Pipes

Director of Business Development

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Theresia Scholl

Operations Manager

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